2023 Media

Videos of sessions at the 2023 N.C. Transportation Summit are available below. Looking for photos instead? View them on Flickr.

January 18, 2023

General Sessions

Opening Session

Moderator: Chair Mike Fox
Speakers: Gov. Roy Cooper, Sec. Eric Boyette, Marc Finlayson
Keynote Speaker: Alicia Rainwater

General Session 1 - Why NC? Transportation’s Role in Economic Development

Moderator: Christopher Chung
Speakers: Sean Suggs, Brad Kohn, Van Anh Nguyen

General Session 2 - Ensuring Equity and Access in Transportation

Moderator: Deputy Secretary Ebony Pittman
Speakers: Julie Lorenz, Veronica P. McBeth, Secretary Eileen Vélez-Vega, Shari Schaftlein

Breakout Sessions

Session 1 - Using Data to Improve Transportation Safety, Programming and Finances

Moderator: Kevin Lacy
Speakers: Brett Boston, Alan Jacobson, Gil West

Session 2 - The Future of DMV: Mobile Driver Licensing

Moderator: Commissioner Wayne Goodwin
Speakers: Mike McCaskill, Paige Paxton, Ryan Williams

Session 3 - Innovations in Multimodal Transportation

Moderator: Deputy Secretary Julie White
Speakers: Deputy Administrator Jennifer Mitchell, Joe Moye, Prem Gururajan, Danielle Spila

Session 5 - Hiring and Competing for Workforce Post-COVID

Moderator: Amanda Olive
Speakers: Jeff Pelton, Dr. Hilary Nixon, Sharny Singh, Jon Lemon

January 19, 2023

General Sessions

General Session 3 - How Do We Build for NC’s future? Industry trends, Broadband & Alternative Delivery

Moderator: Chris Peoples
Speakers: Ken Simonson, Alda Licis, Duane Callendar

General Session 4 - Funding the Future of Transportation: Policymaker Roundtable

Moderators: Loretta Boniti
Panelists: Dale Folwell, Sen. Tom McInnis, Rep. Brenden Jones, Sen. Mike Woodard,  Rep. Phil Shepard
Closing: Joey Hopkins

Breakout Sessions

Session 1 - How Ports Add Value to NC & National Supply Chain

Moderator: Brian Clark
Speakers: Tiffany Bowman, Corey Barnhill, Matthew A. Drown, Michael Mann

Session 2 - The Future of Digital Payments in Mobility Systems

Moderator: JJ Eden
Speakers: Andy Taylor, Lauren Oliphant, Monlani Shah

Session 3 - NC Go! Session: Communicating Mileage-Based User Fees

Moderator: Marc Finlayson
Speakers: Dr. Trish Hendren, Jennifer Rash, Ted Bristol

Session 4 - Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled/Ensuring Environmental Justice

Moderator: Deputy Secretary Julie White Speakers: Mayor Damon Seils, Virginia Guidry, Olatunji Oboi Reed